Current Experimentations - Part 1

February 9, 2017
Current Experimentations - Part 1



February 9, 2017

One of the most important phrases that I've learned over the years is "constructive discontent." It's a pretty simple phrase, but it can be very powerful. Basically it boils down to this: Be happy with where you are, but never stop trying to get better.I love trying new things. Some get added to my permanent rotation, while others get discarded (and sometimes after just one try).So here's the plan with this blog series.... Since I get asked pretty regularly about new foods, recipes, or other ways of increasing swoleness, I'm gonna start doing very brief write-ups on a few things I'm working on. It could be anything...a new recipe, a new practice (such as meditation, see below), or a new book I'm reading.Once I've fully vetted each one, assuming it makes the cut, I'll do a more extensive write-up on it.For the first go-around, here are three things I'm currently focusing on:MEDITATIONWHY: the benefits of meditation include everything from improved focus and mental clarity, to enhanced immunity and reduced stress and anxiety. Sounds pretty legit.HOW: I use the app and follow their guided meditations. They do offer free stuff, but I have the paid version (I bought the annual subscription which equated to $4.99/month).I've noticed that when I start a meditation, my mind is usually all over the place. With guidance from the app, I am reminded to just focus on my breath. Clear the mind. It feels incredible, and sometimes I even wind up taking a little power nap. I finish the session feeling refreshed and focused! While anecdotal evidence in the scientific world doesn't hold much weight, in my life it is the most important. If I try something and it feels good, you better believe that I'm going all in! So my meditation practice is here to stay.PUREWODWHY: Lauren and I have always eaten quite healthy, but we really didn't start noticing exactly how invasive soy was in the food industry until our daughter started reacting to it via breast milk. If it's not used as a filler or emulsifier of some kind, it has most likely contaminated the food in some way. The more I researched, the more pissed off I got, until ultimately I just said "enough." Now I'm on a quest to eliminate it from the world (or more likely just from my household)! Stay tuned for a separate blog series on soy.When I looked at supplements, virtually all of them were tainted. So I did some research and discovered pureWOD. They have four products:

  1. Greens - think of this as a better multivitamin
  2. Pre - contains BCAA's, creatine, beta-alanine and other legit sources of performance enhancement
  3. Recover - post-workout and contains only sweet potatoes, vanilla, and stevia
  4. Build - better than whey or other protein sources, contains only beef protein, cocoa powder, and stevia

I ordered some samples, and now that I've tried them I am definitely going to give it a go. Look for them at the SHOP very soon!From their ingredients list (or lack thereof):PUREWOD CONTAINS NO DAIRY, WHEY, ANTIBIOTICS, HORMONES, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, ARTIFICIAL COLORING, BINDING AGENTS, STABILIZING AGENTS, SOY, GLUTEN OR PRESERVATIVES.COLD THERAPYWHY: benefits of cold therapy include improved hormonal balance, enhanced sleep and recovery from training, and it is invigorating and refreshingHOW: I started with short sessions at the end of my normal shower...just turn the water to the coldest setting and breathe. I've progressed to fairly long sessions, but haven't quite made the jump to ice baths (that's on another level). I always feel supercharged when I'm's a pretty incredible feeling. And since I do it at night before bed, I have noticed that I sleep very deeply. This practice is also here to stay...whether or not I make the transition to full-on ice baths is to be determined!

Wim Hof, using nature's ice bath

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