Member Spotlight - Katie Schlueter

October 10, 2019
Member Spotlight - Katie Schlueter



October 10, 2019

MEMBER SPOTLIGHTIn the twenty-fourth installment of our "Member Spotlight," we're featuring a very talented athlete and physical therapist who has helped me out tremendously whenever I get bumps and bruises. She is so friendly and warm, just like you would want and expect from your practitioner. She works me hard and pushes me in all the right ways with my rehab, but it is always totally worth it because I leave feeling better than when I walked in. She is also bilingual... but apparently only in her sleep while at high altitudes. Curiously weird, right? Well keep reading to understand.

Katie Schlueter

First, give us a little background on yourself.

I grew up in Mill Valley, CA - right outside of San Francisco, and hold Northern California near and dear to my heart. The rest of my immediate family still lives down in the area - my mom, dad and younger sister, and I’m so grateful to be back on the West Coast to see them more!

I have always been a water kid - I grew up dabbling in pretty much any sport you can think of, but was always the happiest in the pool. I was lucky enough to play 4 years of Division I Water Polo at UC Davis, and continued on to play on and coach multiple Club and Masters teams through my Physical Therapy and Residency education.

What got you started and how long have you been at the SHOP?

I have been working out at the SHOP now for just under a year. I was initially introduced to the CrossFit community down at San Francisco CrossFit during my gap year before moving out to North Carolina for Physical Therapy School.

Being involved in team sports for the majority of my life, I think I have ruined myself for solo exercise. I love the coaching and community at the SHOP - the support, collaboration and of course the competition, motivate me to take the best possible care of myself, and really bring it every workout, regardless of what I have going on in my life.

With what movement(s) have you seen the most progress?

Hang and power cleans (thank you Bri)

Assault bike (thank you Ray)

What do you like to do outside the gym?

Travel - definitely travel. I have been super lucky in that my love for sports and my career as a Physical Therapist have allowed me to get out of the country at least annually. I get so much positive energy from exploring new places and new people, and I try to make it a priority.

I am also a huge lover of the outdoors and feel like I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what Oregon has to offer (although, big surprise here - the Coast may be my favorite). My puppy Aggie has certainly been helping me explore in this department.

I also love food - cooking and sharing food is something you can convince me to do anytime!

What movement(s) would you like to improve on in the next few months?

Double unders

Handstand pushups

Favorite place to eat in/near Corvallis?

Taco Vino (finally discovered this gem 2 weeks ago - been 5 times since)


What advice would you give members just starting out at the SHOP?

You get what you give - emotionally and physically. Consistency and community are the name of the game. Some days you show up at the SHOP and you’re feeling 100% - those are the days you can push yourself and help lift up the people around you. Other days you show up and you’re just not at your 100% - those are the days you can lean on the community around you. That’s what the SHOP is all about.


Favorite Book

Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur

The entire Harry Potter Series (books of my childhood)

Favorite Movie

Really mood dependent for me... but one that I can quote on command - She’s the Man

Favorite Food

Sushi, avocado, eggs

Favorite Cheat Meal

Ice cream sandwich - every time

Favorite Exercise/Movement


Water polo (will always have my heart)

Least Favorite Exercise/Movement


Something Others Might be Surprised to Learn About You

If you ever travel with me to altitude, I’ve been told I speak a pretty obscure language in my sleep (if anyone has ever played the Sims - apparently it sounds something like that). Basically, I’m bilingual.

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