Semi-Private Training - Round 2

January 30, 2020
Semi-Private Training - Round 2



January 30, 2020

What’s up SHOPpers! We just wrapped up the first programming cycle of semi-private training, and the results were nothing short of incredible! (see below for the list of PR’s)We are preparing to welcome in the next group into the mix, and we will start our Strategy Sessions for the second round of semi-private training during the last week of February (Monday, February 24 - Friday, February 28). We have limited spaces available, so if you want to supercharge your results (GUARANTEED) then I strongly recommend you jump on this opportunity!

Email me ASAP to secure one of the limited spots!

SCHEDULEFor the second round, we will be adding more days and times to the calendar, so it will be accessible to more people.

  • Monday at 7:30am
  • Tuesday at 2:00pm
  • Wednesday at 7:30am
  • Thursday at 2:00pm

RESULTS FROM ROUND 1We have only completed one round of our Semi-Private training, but already I am shocked at just how good the results have been for everyone. This program has truly served as a turbocharger for their results and it has been very complementary to our large group classes.Here are some of the results from the first round, including training and nutrition-related #gainz, and seriously everyone was PR’ing all over the place!! It was awesome to witness the performances, and even more awesome to see the look of pure excitement, satisfaction, and accomplishment on each person’s face!*keep in mind the tests below were specific to each individual, just as your tests will be specific to you (in other words, don’t let all of the Assault Bike PR’s scare you away!)

  • PR’d on Pullups (max reps)
  • PR’d on Pullups (1RM)
  • PR’d on Pushups (and we didn’t even train pushups!!)
  • PR’d on Sled Push (max weight)
  • PR’d on Assault Bike - Peak RPM’s (Power Output)
  • PR’d on Assault Bike - 5-Minute Drill (Glycolytic Capacity)
  • PR’d on Assault Bike - 2-Mile Time Trial (Aerobic Capacity)
  • PR’d on Rower - Peak Cals/Hr (Power Output)
  • PR’d on Box Jumps (max height)
  • PR’d on Planks (max time → Core Stability/Endurance)
  • Improved flexibility, which helped to reduce low-back stiffness
  • One member always struggled with hunger before lunchtime, resulting in sub-optimal snack and lunch choices. As a result of our nutritional analysis and questionnaires, we identified two areas of opportunity
  • First, we made a small addition to their morning Super Shake to help with satiety
  • Second, we gave them a meal preparation strategy that is incredibly simple so they have a healthy lunch always available

And, since I’m sure you have some questions, I wanted to take this opportunity to answer them...What is Semi-Private Training?

  • Individual programs with a group of people (about 6) training at the same time

What are the benefits of Semi-Private Training?

  • It combines the best parts of 1-on-1 training and large group training
  • You get a 30-Minute strategy session to get crystal clear on your #1 goal
  • Movement and Performance Assessment
  • You get a 100% personalized program tailored to CRUSH your goal
  • Precision Nutrition Coaching to really dial in your nutrition habits
  • Even more focused attention from the coach
  • You get the motivation, inspiration, and accountability of working with a group
  • It’s a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 training (>70% discount)

Does this replace the Workout of the Day?

  • Nope! In fact, it will enhance the experience! Semi-Private Training will be 2 sessions per week, and we strongly encourage you to continue attending our large group classes.
  • Your personalized program can be tailored any way you want it…
  • Would you like to improve at a certain lift, such as the squat or deadlift? Perfect!!
  • Do you have some mobility restrictions that you want to resolve AQAP with some targeted work? You got it!!
  • Are there skills, such as double unders or handstands, that you need a little more focus on? Done!!

What’s the BEST part of Semi-Private Training?

  • Your results are GUARANTEED. If you are not completely satisfied with your results at the end of your Semi-Private Training experience, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Email me ASAP to secure one of the limited spots!

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