Member Spotlight - Milt Davis

January 6, 2017
Member Spotlight - Milt Davis



January 6, 2017


In the sixth installment of our "Member Spotlight", we're featuring the SHOP member with the longest commute! According to Google, Oahu, HI is 2,536 miles from Corvallis. Luckily this guy is a pilot and can simply reroute the plane in order to make it to the SHOP class on time.

In all seriousness, this guy is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He always introduces himself to new people in the class, he joins us for group dinners at Laughing Planet, and his good attitude is just infectious! When Lauren and I visited Kauai last year, he even hopped over from Oahu to take us on one of his favorite hikes!

First, give us a little background on yourself.

I am built more as an endurance athlete and enjoy challenging myself with Swim, Bike, and Run events. I travel for a living and enjoy challenging myself physically in diverse ways each week. I am happiest if I workout each day!

What got you started and how long have you been at the SHOP?

I was invited to CrossFit in 2013 on Oahu (at CrossFit East Oahu) by a Physical Therapist Doctor buddy (Elie Frye Tanaka) and was hooked immediately! Basically I was wanting to add strength training into my weekly training and give myself a totally new challenge. We formed TripleFit on Oahu to combine Tri training disciplines with CrossFit. I am a founding member. I have been at The SHOP since July of 2015 when we moved to Corvallis. I love the community!

With what movement(s) have you seen the most progress?

Improvements in my back strength. Basically all of the olympic bar work. I am especially challenged with overhead squats and anything that challenges my T spine. So that is my current focus and emphasis in my own training.

What do you like to do outside the gym?

Hike, Surf, Bike, Run, Swim. Some on the road with my work (Hawaiian Airlines), some on Oahu with my training buddies.

What movement(s) would you like to improve on in the next few months?

Overhead Squats, Front Squats, overall T Spine strength and posture.

Favorite place to eat in/near Corvallis?

Really love McMenamins in town on 3rd Street. The food is tasty, the beers are amazing, and great selections for a bar for eating out semi healthy.

What advice would you give members just starting out at the SHOP?

Keep and open mind. Put form above weight, but challenge yourself each day you show up. Listen to the coaching well, it's is the strength of "The SHOP"

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